Unique Scholarships

Unique Scholarships

With so many different scholarships available, how do students narrow down their choices? Some students prefer to apply for unique scholarships, as there is often less competition. Some of these awards have such specific criteria that they apply to relatively few students. Other students prefer to apply to unique scholarships because they enable to student to truly stand out among the competition. Below is a list of some of the most unique scholarships, that are available to students with unique qualifications or abilities:

USBC Scholarships: These scholarships are available to students who have demonstrated a passion and interest in bowling. Applications are due prior to December 1st of each year. Additional information can be found here: http://www.bowl.com/scholarshipsawards/.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest: In order to be considered for this scholarship, students must create their prom attire completely from Duck tape. Students can choose from any color or design of Duck tape that is available on the market. After creating their outfit, they must submit photos as well as some brief information about them and their design. In mid-June, voting takes place and students are prompted to vote for their favorite designs via the website. The first prize scholarship is worth $10,000, and the company also provides scholarships worth $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 to runner ups. Additional information about the prizes can be found here: http://stuckatprom.com.

Tall Scholarship Program: This award is given to students who are taller than average. It is funded through the Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc. In order to be eligible, students must be at least 5’ 10” tall, entering their first year of college, and be younger than 21 years of age. Students can apply for the award from mid-July through the beginning of February. Additional information can be found on this website: http://www.tallclubfoundation.org/scholarship-program.html.

Common Knowledge Scholarships

Common Knowledge Scholarships: These awards are open to students from high school through graduate school. Parents of students are also eligible to compete. This scholarship is unique in that it requires participants to take a series of quizzes. Participants simply create a free account and then new quizzes show up. The topic of the quizzes are areas that are considered common knowledge. This entails questions from books, math, science, and other commonly known areas. The winners are chosen based on who responds the quickest as well as who gets the most questions correct. The amount of the scholarship ranges from $250 to $2,500. Additional information can be found here: http://www.cksf.org/index.cfm?Page=Scholarships.

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Robert Apicella Good Samaritan Migrant Scholarship: This scholarship is only open to migrant farmworkers from New York State. In order to be eligible, students must be high school seniors who demonstrate financial need. Furthermore, the student must have shown a kind, caring, and generous attitude towards other in order to be considered for the award. In order to apply, students must write a brief essay, submit two letters of recommendation, provide a letter from the school where they were accepted, and show that they were a migrant student during high school. Additional information can be found here: http://www.migrant.net/migrant/scholarships/apicella.htm.