University of Alabama at Birmingham Scholarships

Students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham usually wonder what they can do to make college more affordable. Many prospective students, and perhaps current students, may not know that the university offers a number of scholarships to students. One of the best ways to determine if you are eligible for any UAB scholarships is to complete a FAFSA application. This application will quickly tell students whether they are eligible to receive any federal or state funding in order to support their degree. In addition to the FAFSA, UAB offers a number of university specific awards. Check out the list below to see a small selection of scholarships available to UAB students:

Merit Based Scholarships for Alabama Residents: UAB offers scholarships that range from $2,000 to full tuition remission for students with stellar academic backgrounds. In order to be considered, applicants must be a first time freshmen and apply before December 1st. The actual amount of the money received depends on the applicant’s test score and grade point average. Students who have at least a 3.5 GPA and score between 30 to 36 on their ACT exam are eligible to be considered for the Presidential Recognition Award, which provides full tuition remission to UAB and also covers student fees. Students who score between 24-26 on the ACT and who have at least a 3.0 GPA can earn $3,000 to put towards their college tuition through the UAB Breakthrough Scholarship. Full details of these two scholarships, as well as other merit based awards, can be found here.

Mary Elizabeth Adams Endowed Scholarship: This award is open exclusively to students who are from Alabama and who indicate that they have Type I diabetes. Preference is given to applicants in the EUB Early Medical School Acceptance Program who intend to major in pre-med, but any student can apply. Students should be able to demonstrate that they have a high level of responsibility, community service, academic preparedness, and financial need. Both new and current students can apply for this scholarship. The application deadline is October 1st for students and more information is available here.

Music Scholarships at UAB: Scholarships for music are available to students who intend to major in music as well as for students who are declaring non-music majors. The full list of available music scholarships can be found here. The Myrtle Jones Steele Piano Scholarship, for example, provides a student who plans to study piano performance with an award worth $1,500. The Dean’s Scholarship provides two different awards, each of which are valued at $1,000. Both transfer students and new first-time freshmen can apply for these awards.

Distinguished Alumni Scholarship: This scholarship is open to students with a strong academic background. The scholarship provides an award worth $4,000. In order to be eligible, students be hold at least a 3.5 grade point average and be enrolled in the UAB School of Health Professions. Furthermore, the applicant must demonstrate school involvement and leadership ability during their time at UAB. Additional information is available here.