University of Alabama Scholarships

University of Alabama Scholarships

Students who are interested in attending the University of Alabama typically want additional information regarding what types of scholarships are available to incoming and current students. Students who are interested in the scholarships at Alabama should be sure to check out the following website in order to understand the different application paths.

In general, the path for applying to scholarships is different depending on whether the student is an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or currently enrolled in the university. Students who are entering freshmen must complete an application for admission, an application for scholarships, send their ACT or SAT score, and provide their high school transcript. All of this information must be received prior to the December 15th deadline. Transfer students must submit all of their application materials prior to the March 1st deadline. Currently enrolled students must also apply by the March 1st deadline using their myBama account.

Community College Excellence Scholarships: these scholarships are open to students who are transferring to the University of Alabama from a community college. In order to be eligible, the applicant must have attended a community college that is located in Alabama and transfer during their junior year. This scholarship provides full tuition for two years of student at Alabama.

Engineering Leadership Tier: This scholarship is open to University of Alabama students who are majoring in Engineering. In order to be eligible, students must have an ACT score that falls between a 30 to 36 or a comparable SAT score. Any student who meets these requirements and who has at least a 3.5 high school grade point average in high school is guaranteed to receive this scholarship. This scholarship provides $2,500 per year for four years. Additional information about this scholarship can be found at this website.

Students who are planning to major in the Department of Education at Alabama can find a list of scholarships here. Some of these scholarships are awarded based on financial need while others are awarded based on academic merit. Each department at the University of Alabama offers its own unique scholarships, so students should be certain to explore the website of the department that they intend to major in before applying.

In addition to departmental scholarships, the University of Alabama also maintains a list of competitive scholarships that students may want to consider. The entire list can be found here. Some of these awards are national in score while others are offered through alumni of the university. There are specific awards available for students from the state of Alabama and other awards available to support out-of-state students. For example, the Collegiate Scholar provides a $16,000 scholarship to out-of-state students who have at least a 3.5 grade point average and a 27 on their ACT. Information about this award, as well as other scholarships that are open to out-f-state students, can be seen here. Given the variety of awards, students may want to consider making an appointment with a financial aid officer to better understand the scholarship options.