University of Georgia Scholarships

Are you currently attending the University of Georgia? Or, are you considering attending the University of Georgia? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this article may help you find some scholarship money to help fund your studies at UGA. Current and prospective UGA students typically want to know as much as they can about how to finance their UGA education. As a first step, the university recommends that you complete the FAFSA application. BY completing this form, you will be able to quickly see whether you have qualified for any federal or state funding. If you are still in need of scholarships after completing the FAFSA, the next best place to look for scholarships is UGA itself. Below are some of the best scholarships that are offered through the university:

Presidential Leadership Scholarships: This scholarship is offered through the Undergraduate Admissions Office in an effort to recruit students who have a demonstrated record of leadership and academic achievement. In fact, in order to remain eligible for this scholarship, all students are required to hold a 3.0 grade point average during their college career. This scholarship provides $3,000 to at least 40 students each year. Out-of-state applicants who are recipients of this award are also offered in-state tuition. This scholarship can be renewed for a total of four years.

Foundation Fellowship: This is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered through UGA. In order to be eligible to apply, applicants are required to have been active in leadership outside of school and hold at least a 3.9 high school grade point average. This scholarship requires a separate application, which can be found at this link. Students who are offered this scholarship receive $11,712 – $19,458 per year, depending on whether they are an in-state or out-of-state resident. In addition, recipients receive additional benefits such as mentoring by faculty, retreats with all other Foundation Fellows, grants for academic endeavors, enrichment seminars, a $9,000 travel grant, and the opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University.

The Goizueta Foundation Scholarships: These awards are offered to first year students who complete the application prior to March 20th. In order to be considered, the applicant is required to show proof that he or she can speak Spanish. In addition, only students who are residents of both GA and the United States are eligible to be considered. Both transfer students and first-time freshmen can apply for this award, provided that they will be entering their first semester at UGA. Since this is a needs-based scholarship, each applicant is required to show financial need. Additional information about this scholarship can be found here, along with the required application form.

Additional need-based scholarships, academic scholarships, UGA departmental scholarships, and other awards for UGA can be found at this website. Some of these scholarships require that students submit a separate application form, while other awards are doled out based on the applicant’s initial UGA application form (they are awarded by the Admission’s Department). Make sure to read the application instructions carefully!