Audio and Video Scholarships

audio and video scholarships

If you are a student with a keen interest in the world of audio and video, these scholarships are excellent opportunities through which you can attend college to study in this field. It is especially complicated today to study, work and handle college debt. Scholarships can help you to enjoy the opportunities of schooling and not be left with a large debt when you graduate. Audio and video scholarships are hard to find. We put together this great list of audio and video scholarships to make finding them easy.

Below you will find audio and video scholarships for students. If you meet their requirements, you may be able to secure financial aid for college from one or more.

  1. National Space Club Video Contest for a Scholarship

If you win this video contest, you can receive up to $10,000 for your college education and schooling expenses. Applicants must submit a video in order to qualify. To become part of this exciting contest, access the website of the National Space Club Video Contest.


  1. Press Club of New Orleans Video Scholarships

If you are a journalist at the college level, this is a chance to receive $2,500 for you to use toward your school expenses. If you want to apply, you’ll need to submit a journalistic work or video for evaluation by the press club. This will allow you to go into less debt for your college education, and graduate with a brighter field of opportunity ahead of you. Their website will provide you with more information and specific details.


  1. The National Press Club Scholarship for Diversity in Journalism

If you are interested in becoming a journalist who speaks through films, this is a positive opportunity for you to receive help with your college education. To apply, you must send work in audio or video form, made by you. You can find more information at the National Press Club website.


  1. Audio Visual Preservation Solutions (AVPS) Video Scholarships

This new program provides video archivists the opportunity to receive education through fundraising from training seminars at their foundation center. The newest program is called Your Archive Deserves Advocacy! (YADA!) and its aim is the promotion of stories and people behind video archives, while providing resources that are supportive of journalistic advocacy.

AVPS offers three video scholarships annually. They are awarded through funding by the Association of the Moving Image Archivists Awards Committee. The goal is helping sound and image archivists to learn about budgeting, proposals, corporate partnership development and evaluation of video works.

The foundation center’s training seminars are designed to give video archivists the tools they will need to become advocates for collections of archives. You will learn to be proactive in your planning and management for long-term maintenance and video preservation. Find more information on their official website.


  1. Charles L. Scott Video Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to upperclassmen and freshmen who major in visual and video communication. The College of Communication selects the recipients. The amount awarded will vary from one year to the next. Their website is here.


  1. Key Club Video Scholarship Contest

This is a chance to use your talents to provide funding for your college education in the fields of audio and video. They award several students yearly cash scholarships to help students continue their education. You can find additional information at their contests and awards page.


  1. Tuesday Musical Club Video Scholarships

These scholarships are available to Pittsburgh residents of 25 years or younger. The National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) awards over $750,000 per year in award and competition scholarships nationally and at the state and local level. If you have a talent for music videos and in other video areas, you may qualify for these scholarships. Their website has more information.


  1. Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program

This is a scholarship aimed at US seniors in high school who will be pursuing a degree in video animation at accredited colleges or schools. You may qualify if you have a firm record of success academically, along with a drive and passion for video animation or a related career. Their selections are based on your academic performance at the high school level and an application essay.


  1. Richard F. Smith Memorial Video Scholarships

The Wayne County Foundation offers these scholarships for students who have graduated from Richmond, Indiana’s Richmond High School. You must be studying in the field of graphic video arts. The application includes videos and/or essays. There are not many applicants for these scholarships, so the competition is not stiff. The Wayne County Foundation website has more information.


  1. David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship

David Letterman created this scholarship in 1985. He wanted to help students who, like him, wanted an opportunity to gain entry into the video and TV field. You may qualify for these video scholarships if you desire studying and eventual work in the field of telecommunications. You should be innovative and able to show off your video works. Creativity wins this scholarship. Applicants must submit any piece of their work – whether in audio, graphic or video form. Check out the Ball State University website for more specific information.


  1. Cassidy Family Video Scholarships

These scholarships are funded by the Cerritos College Foundation. They offer $500 yearly to students who are outstanding in the area of visual communications. It was established by former foundation chairman and current board member Jack Cassidy. Their website contains more information and other scholarships for which you may qualify.


  1. Michael Vergauwen Fund Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship is funded by InfoComm International, in order that they might address the need in the industry for a higher quality workforce. You may qualify if you are a third or fourth year student in college and if you are a dependent of an employee hired by member organizations. You should be seeking a technical degree for use in a career in the field of audio visual communications.


  1. Audio-Visual Heroes Video Scholarships

The Whitlock Foundation awards scholarships through their AV Heroes Fund. The program focuses on training US veterans for audio and visual communications jobs. The project is funded by the United Veterans Learning Centers and InfoComm International.

This scholarship addresses the challenge to meet the workforce demands in the fields of audio visual communications, and the need to educate veterans as they reenter society after deployment. Many veterans have already received extensive training in video technical areas. The scholarship helps in addressing the high unemployment rate of veterans who enlisted after 9.11.01. It also secures valuable resources for the broader audio visual industry.

The funding includes a program that will enhance the video communications capabilities of veterans and open them to the possibilities for employment in the AV industry.