Walmart Scholarship

Walmart Scholarship

Walmart is a company that you have likely heard of, and most likely visited. This organization has millions of employees across several hundred locations and sells everything from paper goods to produce. The Walmart name, however, is not solely about selling things. Rather, they have several different philanthropic goals and services. Among them is the Walmart Scholarship. If you are interested in learning more about the criteria for this financial aid, you have come to the right place! Here we will discuss what it is you need to know about the Walmart Scholarship, the eligibility requirements, and where you can go to apply.

Walmart Associate Scholarship

There are two main Walmart Scholarship opportunities available for those associated with the company. The first is one that is solely dedicated for employees. This is to help aid those who have given to the company to pursue goals that will only further their careers. Of course, the goal is to set someone up to find a better position in the company but also recognizes that working at this institution may be a step on a larger career plan.

Walmart Scholarship awards

Walmart Dependent Scholarship

Walmart also rewards employees by offering a scholarship that is available to their dependents. This is to help defray the cost of an education, and once again reward employees who have dedicated a portion of their lives to the company. Dependents that are applying for this Walmart Scholarship must be a high school senior entering their first year of college.

Renewal Process

The aforementioned Walmart Scholarship opportunities are renewable. Both can be renewed until the degree or course is achieved or the individual has spent six years renewing the scholarship. After the six year time period, they will no longer be able to renew the scholarship.

The reason for the renewal process is to demonstrate that the Walmart Foundation, which backs financially these Walmart Scholarships, wants to help the individual associate or their dependent throughout the course of their college career. It is, once again, the goal of Walmart to show that they are investing in their associates and cares.

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Number of Scholarships

The number of Walmart Scholarship opportunities can range from year to year. It is based on the applicant pool and the resources available within the fund. Therefore, all associates that believe that they meet the minimum requirements and are accepted into an institution of higher learning are encouraged to apply.

Where to Go

If you feel that you want to apply for this Walmart Scholarship, be it associate or dependent, there are other eligibility requirements that need to be met. The link below will explain both the basic criteria of the scholarship and the renewal process. Fiscal years effect availability so be sure to apply within the specified guidelines. There is also more information available for those that are curious about these opportunities through the stores themselves. Contact a manager or visit the following  link in order to gain the most current of information on this wonderful funding opportunity.